Cell Phone Spying in the News

April 21st, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

Pretty neat stuff huh? Even a top security organization are saying how undetectable and powerful cell phone tracking software is!

I’m only glad that I tried this software now- before it gets too popular (if it’s been on Fox News, how long before everyone knows about it?).

Knowing the tech industry advances so quickly I bet it won’t be long before the phone manufactures invents something to block it being installed on Smartphone’s.

And then how are you going to find out if you’re being cheated on, everyday, right under your nose? I’m damn glad I did, rather then her telling me she’s leaving me for a guy she’s been cheating on me with for months. This way I took back control and turned the tables on her.

In the video the blond acting all victimized was almost funny. How did she find out that she was being spied upon? Simple – she was caught out doing something she shouldn’t and was confronted about it by someone who would have then told her how they had proof. A ‘invasion of privacy’ – Bullshit! She shouldn’t have been lying in the first place! Someone obviously suspected her enough to put a cell phone location tracker on her! No mention of the poor guy she was screwing over and deceiving.

Nothing sums up this cell phone location tracking software in my opinion, as well as what the guy at the end said ‘Kind of like having your own personal surveillance team” – You said it dude!

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