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Moral questions

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Is spying on a cell phone morally wrong?

Some people think that spying on a cell phone is deceitful and ethically questionable. But I was say that it is used to catch deceitful behaviour. If someone is not doing anything wrong then they wouldn’t have anything to hide. I would have no problem with my partner seeing the texts that I send. The person who has a problem with you spying on their cell has already deceived you by lying to you!

The government does it (in order to catch drug dealers and terrorists) why should normal citizens feel ashamed to do it too? There has been a recentl scandal where newspapers hacked into celebrities voicemails.
If someone is cheating on you – don’t you have the right to know, especially since you are investing your emotions time and possibly money trying to make them happy? After all they are not going to just come out and tell you that they are cheating on you.
In my experience cell phone spying is a positive thing that can even help out flagging relationships that cannot move forward because both partners are paranoid that the other person is cheating on them – when in fact they are not! I have a friend (who is female) and she was so convinced that her husband was cheating on her – because he had recently become distant.

It had got so bad that there wasn’t a day gone by the she didn’t accuse him of cheating – and he was getting sick of being under suspicion and nagged all the time that they started to drift apart. She finally decided that enough was enough and installed the spying software because either she’d finally have proof of his infidelity or find out that it was all in her head.
My friend called me up 3 days later really happy – her husband had not been cheating on her, he had just been acting distant because he’d had a pay cut from work and didn’t know how to tell her! Needless to say everything sorted itself out nicely – they sat down and spoke about it and vowed that they would get through it together because they love each other. It turned out that my friend was offered a pay rise the next week. But I believe that it wasn’t the financial situation that made their relationship revived (they were exactly as well off as they were before when it came down to money- it was the realization that he has stayed faithful to her because he loved her which got back the trust and the closeness that they both wanted so much.


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