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I have spent hours looking across the internet for the best cell phone spy software. Luckily I’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to!

I have tried and tested all of these and they all work, which one you decide to buy should be down to what features you're looking for (SMS logging, Call Recording, track location live on map etc).

Software Price $ (From)

Mobile Monitor

(Great for watching over kids as you can set different 'zones' and get an alert if they step out of them between certain times – i.e around their school between 9am-3pm)


Highster Mobile

(Turns phone into a hidden bug – picking up surrounding noise in the room – even when the phone isn't being used!)

Mobistealth 39.99
Mobile Spy 49.97
Spy Bubble 49.95
Cell Spy 27.00

Easy Spy

(Has multiple ways it can installed:

1.) OTA (over-the-air) links that you type directly into the phones web browser

2.) Scanning the QR Code of the application using the cell phones barcode scanner

3.) Transferring the files from your computer to the cell phone using a USB cable.

4.) Bluetooth connection.)


Note: If you want to be able to track a cell phone without installing software on the target phone (for example if you can't get access to it) then the only provider in the world to do this that works is Cell Spy. (You install the software on your phone and then call them for a few seconds and then everything's done and you can spy on their phone!

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