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Warning Signs They Are Cheating On You

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If you are worried you are being cheated on it is good to know that there are sure-fire signs of cheating that are proven right time after time. There are exact, tell-tale behaviours that a cheater will start to subconsciously engage in, without them even being aware of it. Many of which are not what you’d think at all! But you’ll know EXACTLY what they mean and how to establish the truth once and for all! You do not deserve to be made to feel worthless and hurt by the very person who is meant to love and protect you above all others!

It is never easy when you start to worry that your partner is going behind you back and betraying you in the most hurtful of ways. The thought may be always there in the back of your mind driving you mad and you try to tell it to go away and that you’re just being silly, but it just comes back to nag you again and again.

Luckily help is at hand! There are certain behaviours that a cheating partner will engage in. Most of these are to do with either the subconscious guilt that they feel or trying to keep on top of the lies so they don’t get found out! Here are the signs of a cheater.

The warning signs they are cheating on you with someone else

People often think that if a partner has started cheating he or she will become less affectionate, but it can actually be the other way around meaning they will be more loving to you, due to their own guilty feelings! It is when the affair has been going on awhile that the spouse typically turns aggressive and unaffectionate. They might start to blame you for everything and find fault with every little thing you do, this is a sure sign of cheating since this is their defence mechanism to justify them cheating in their own mind. They know they are doing something wrong!

A cheating partner might make excuses not to go out with you as often as normal. They might use work as an excuse or say they have a headache, or that they feel too tired to do anything tonight. This is one of the most telling signs they are cheating on you as they are clearly losing interest in the relationship and it is possible that they getting it somewhere else.

Signs he is cheating on her behind her backNot looking you in eye when talking to you about important matters or emotional issues is another sign of a guilty conscience. They often also try to distract you by trying to go onto a different subject. When people ask me what are the most obvious sign of cheating – I always tell them to look into the eyes, (they’re called the eyes to the soul for a reason!). If you see any guilt there then it’s likely that you've read the signs correctly. Another sure signs of infedelity is if you look into his their eyes to try to hold eye contact and they rapidly blink and quickly look away.

Avoidance is another warning sign of cheating, they might not answer their cell phone when you call them when they are out socializing with friends. (They might be using that as an excuse when they are really having sex with someone else.)

Another give away is they might use stalling tactics – such as sipping a drink when you have asked them a question, in order to give them more time to think up a convincing lie.

One of the most hurtful signs of a cheating partner is if you find suspicious texts on their phone – be especially wary of ones that have lots of kisses at the end. Another sign of a cheater is if they go to answer their phone – look at the display and don't answer it – this is most likely because they don't want you to know who it is.

Beware is they seem to not have as much interest as they used to have in up keeping your shared home. Men may lose all interest in fixing up the house and women won’t care about keeping the house clean.

A cheating partner often has a change in sexual desires when you are together. They might want more sex or less. But they key thing is that there is a change. Has your partner requested anything new and uncharacteristic of them recently? 

Out of all the signs he is cheating sometimes your gut instinct can be the most powerful. Sometime you will get a partner who is very clever and thorough in hiding their tracks they are cheating. In these cases your gut instinct can often save you from being taken for a ride. There are countless women out there who, when questioned couldn't put their finger on why they thought that there husband was cheating on them or think of anything he might have done suspiciously. In short – there were no outward signs he was cheating to but it turned out they were right and he was cheating.

What to do if you recognise one or more of these signs

If you are fed up of wondering whether you are being cheated on and want to know the truth because you’re sick of being humiliated and taken for an idiot, there is a sure-fire way to find out once and for all.

You don’t need to go for weeks at a time without making love anymore or endure the yearning for them to adore you like they used to, whilst they seem to do every little thing they can to hurt and ignore you.

If you have read this list of cheating signs and notice that some of them apply to your relationship then you might want to get proof by installing spy software on their phone to put your mind at rest.

I did this when I suspected my wife was cheating on me and it worked – I got indisputable proof of her infidelity. You can sit for hours trying to analyse whether they are or whether they are not and what it might mean without getting any closer to ending your pain and solving the problem.

Click on the following link to see the cell phone spy software that means you can know who they are calling, what they are saying to them, view all texts they receive (even if they have tried to delete them!). And even if they are going anywhere they’re not meant to – on a live map! They won’t ever be able to hide anything from you. So if you are not 100% certain that they are not cheating on you – that they are not doing all the intimate little things with another person that they used to do with you or exposing you a dangerous disease. Click here.

Recognising the warning signs of cheating will only get you so far you need to actually find out the truth in order to put your mind at rest.


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