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Tracking software getting attention on a major news site.

I was just browsing though the Fox News website and I came across this interesting article on cell spy software.  It talks about one of the surveillance apps available that actually sends an email every time and action is performed on the phone. (For example the person sends an SMS message or makes a phone call. It is good to see a major news site that does not demonize mobile trackers, since every other coverage on a major news network I have seen has said how bad they are and liken them to a stalker’s gift from heaven or a recipe for disaster from a personal privacy point of view. A program for spying on someone without them being awareThese publications that say these sort of things don’t seem to appreciate that someone who buys location tracking software actually cares about a certain personal issue enough to actually invest quite a bit of time and money in finding out what is actually going on. It’s not like someone just wakes up one day and thinks “Oh I know – I wonder what my neighbour down the street is talking to their co-workers about today”. People who use these cell phone spy programs are genuinely concerned about something affecting their lives. Perhaps their boyfriend is being unfaithful. Or they are trying to make sure there kids are not skipping school or being exposed to unsuitable content on the internet. There are many legitimate uses for this software that far outweigh the more miss-guided  ways it could be potentially used. If my teenage daughter is receiving flirty texts off an 19 year old boy I would like to know. And when my wife was sleeping with another man behind my back – did I not have a right to know? Yes it involves a certain amount of deception, but she was already deceiving me by cheating, as the saying goes – “if you don’t have something to hide there would be nothing to worry about”. Well it is good to see an article that just gives you the facts and not a lecture. Click here to see the article.


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